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50 Shades of Sales Training

A Comprehensive CPA-focused Sales Training Program Designed to Unlock the Handcuffs of Fear & Ignorance to Stoke Massive Growth at Your CPA Firm!

For many in the CPA business, the term “sales” carries a somewhat greasy connotation. Perhaps you too think if you do great work and your firm has a fine reputation, clients will just flock-in. In today’s world, that’s simply “wrong-headed thinking.”

Surely there is a reason you’re reading these words now. Perhaps you have talented managers or senior managers at your firm—that must demonstrate business development skills or create/build a practice in order to make partner—but they unfortunately lack the “know how.” Maybe you have existing partners, that are being pressed by management to somehow grow their “book of business” in today’s still-tough economy to replace lost work, or they are facing a huge downward comp adjustment. Possibly, you lead an office, industry team or have been tapped by your firm to head-up a new initiative, and are striving for ways to stoke top-line revenue. Conceivably, you’re the CEO of a Top 200 Firm—and your shop has been languishing in the bottom quartiles of annual CPA firm “growth rankings” for years—with your firm becoming less and less relevant, and subject to ever greater earnings pressure.

As President Clinton said; “I feel your pain.” More than just feel your pain though, I passionately believe there are proven ways to radically change your situation . . . for the good. Practical, learnable methods and approaches . . . which are highlighted and taught in this sales training program.

If you’ve ever searched Amazon for books/videos on CPA sales training or CPA firm marketing—or Googled to find dedicated CPA sales training from folks that have actually built/grown substantial practices in the industry, you’ll find fairly limited results. Actually, you’ll find none, until now that is. This training process—specifically designed for accountants in the profession and tailored to your firm’s unique culture and clientele—fills that void with real world advice that has “crushed it” in starting/growing CPA-related businesses and functional practice areas.

As you know, knowledge is only powerful when applied. Together, let’s make a difference in the marketplace!

Questions, or to discuss your firm’s situation, please contact: or 317.413.7538!