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Overcoming Your Irrational Fears of Failure & Rejection!

In our prior V-blog, we highlighted the “prison” of a firm’s (as well as your personal) limiting beliefs, and how they preclude much-needed action on a variety of fronts. Our new video blog reveals a related “jailer” . . . your fears of failure and rejection that can inhibit many worthwhile behaviors like:

• Making cold calls to non-clients to set up introductory appointments
• Discussing “touchy issues” like your compensation and promotion prospects
• Asking for an opportunity to issue a proposal
• Providing much-needed feedback to a colleague or client
• Introducing one of your firm’s services to an existing client
• Taking actions to start a new practice or service—or improve an underperforming unit
• Learning new soft skills, such as the material in this video series
• Valuing billing for a great result your team delivered
• Requesting a referral from an important client

Learn more about excessive fears—and more importantly, how to destroy them! Watch this compelling video now!