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Audio Transcript

Building Exceptional Profitability—Sales Training and Processes

If you ever needed to get yourself back into decent physical condition, you know it’s a multi-faceted process.  For example, you didn’t just go to the health club for an hour, and say; “Okay, that’ll do it—I’m good for another six months!”  No, you probably needed to hit the gym at least a few times a week.  Maybe mixing-up some weight training along with cardiovascular exercises.  Perhaps you hired a fitness coach to keep accountability.  Further, you might have needed to give up the daily-doses of Cheetos and Dairy Queen too… at least for a while, right?

Think of building your firm’s sales-related skills in the same vein.  Just having a day or two of sales training—without further means of reinforcement to master the principles—and without modifying other parts of your sales processes is just wasting time and money.

How do you transform it then?  Well, you need to make an honest assessment of where you are now: what’s working, what’s not—how do you market your firm—what are the characteristics of your better clients and your firm’s rainmakers—where do your new proposal opportunities come from, and how successful are you in closing them—is there any meaningful tracking system of prospective client action steps, and how does your leadership team monitor it—along with discerning an approximate “lifetime value” of your important clients.

What many firms discover is that they can improve dramatically to the extent they begin to:

  • Coordinate activities of their marketing and sales processes
  • Provide ongoing sales/influence training that reinforces and builds skills over time
  • Adopt a more “education-based” marketing approach, versus an “it’s-all-about-us” methodology
  • Embrace marketing/sales efforts selectively targeted on prospects that resemble their best current clients (i.e., those prospective clients with the capability of buying greater amounts of services)
  • Articulate what really makes their firm different, what differences do those differences make, and why those differences matter to a prospect (note: “good service” isn’t “a difference”)
  • Build a library of case studies to serve as “social proof”—not just “we love our CPAs” testimonials
  • Create a “sales tracking system” that is managed like other key firm metrics (i.e., like chargeable time and realization)
  • Have a set internal “sales process” when proposals do arise
  • Use restraint and discipline choosing when to bid on RFPs—particularly “blind RFPs”
  • Reward appropriate behaviors and results
  • Implement other features of the E4 Growth Method for “essential” and “expansion” clients—along with fee potential related to “emerging issues”

Solving your firm’s growth problems can sooth a lot of your headaches, can’t it.  Please contact us at CPA Growth Partners to arrange a cost-free initial consultation concerning your situation.